Spirituality, Religion & God


About 88% of the world’s population believe in some form of god or higher power. Of the remaining 12%, most believe in something, even if that something is science.It seems silly then, that spirituality is too often absent from therapy and counseling sessions unless someone is specifically seeking spiritual direction.

Unlike pastoral counseling, spiritual counseling does not hold any doctrine, nor is it specific to any one religion. Because it holds no religious doctrine, spiritual counseling is applicable to people who orient to the world through a religious and/or metaphysical lens. The only belief that the spiritual counselor holds is that there is a “Something Bigger.” Connection to this Something Bigger (call it God, Buddha, Mother Earth, Energy, Science, or what you will) makes our lives more sane, depthful, and satisfying. Have walked several religious and spiritual paths, it is likely that I will be able to speak your language of spirituality be it JudeoChristian, Buddhist/Hindu, Wiccan/Pagan, Sufi or Muslim.

I help people to deepen into a spirituality that is right for them. When appropriate, I will teach clients spiritual practices (e.g., meditation, psychic protection, mantras, rosaries, rituals) to increase their connection to the Something Bigger. For those who are conflicted, I also help to reconcile their personal convictions with their religious training. I have a deep respect for others’ experience of god/spirit. My respect for difference and my ability to speak the language of God and spirituality means I am able to work with people who have a diverse range of beliefs and values, including those that are atheist.