Personal Growth & Spiritual Growth


Counseling for Personal Growth

Some people come to counseling even when there’s nothing drastically wrong with their lives – there’s no major craters in the road, but there are some divots they want to work around. Perhaps someone wants to learn to become a kinder person, or how to live more fully in accordance with their values. Sometimes people just want someone to hash things out with that isn’t part of their network of friends or family – there’s a kind of freedom you often get in therapy in knowing you don’t have to moderate yourself for the person you’re talking to.

There is a great interest now in personal growth – just look at the number of personal growth books at your local bookstore or the number of self-growth quotes that appear in the media. Psychology and personal growth work naturally go together. Personal growth work in counseling is also great preparation to the inevitable curve balls life will eventually throw at you. It’s comparable to going to your medical doctor for checkups – its good preventive care.

Counseling for Spiritual Growth

While some of us can feed our spiritual growth needs in religious settings, many of us cannot. In Spiritual Growth counseling, every issue that is addressed is done so with the underlying question, “how can this experience be used for my spiritual growth?” While spirituality is an underlying focus in all the work I do, here the emphasis is very overt. As an ordained minister who honors all spiritual traditions, I can work within your framework of spirituality. If you aren’t clear on your own belief systems about God, spirit and cosmology, I can help you to explore and discover what your deeper truth is.