Healthful Living


Oftentimes, people are motivated to live more healthfully because of weight or health issues. But living a healthy life is about more than just eating well and exercising enough. Living a healthful life means living a sustainable life.

We start by evaluating what kind of life are you living now. What foods do you eat (sugars, starches, proteins, etc.) and what are your eating patterns (in the car, binging, excessively fast, avoidance, etc.). We then look at the other areas in your life that are preventing you from making healthful choices such as being too busy and not getting enough sleep. Because humans do not live in a vacuum and we are complex beings, making healthy choices means looking at our entire lives to ascertain what hinders and what helps. What triggers unhealthful choices? What belief systems or traumatic experiences affect your capacity to make good choices? What systems do you have in place to support a healthy lifestyle? Are you living in accordance with your values and if not, why not? Most attempts to make more healthy choices fail because we do not recognize that we are whole human beings and being healthy isn’t just about increasing exercise and decreasing caloric intake. Being healthy requires that we address our physical, mental, environmental, social, and spiritual needs. For example, if you have a boss who is demeaning, you might react by feeling defeated and not going on that long walk this evening. So, the work is to disconnect your behavior from bosses behavior, while also working towards finding an employer who values your talent.

All healing is a whole life process, we address the health of your Inner World (thoughts, feelings, sensations), Outer World (society, work, food, etc.), and Metaphysical World (spirituality, energy) experiences.