Grief & Loss


Grief Counseling

Almost all of us experience grief when a loved one dies, be it human or animal. Our society has little acceptance and structure for the often lengthy process of bereavement. Bereaved people benefit from the support of others; When support is lacking, grief therapy can provide an avenue for healthy resolution. Childhood losses, such as the death of a parent, can have long-lasting effects,  such as chronic sadness and depression. Moreover, when a person has unresolved grief, any current loss taps into the previous loss and makes the current loss more intense. I provide grief counseling to help the resolve both current and past loss. Grief rituals and rites of passage can be particularly helpful in the process of healing grief.

Grief occurs with many life changes we experience, not just death. We can experience grief and loss even if there is an accompanying gain. An example of that would be the loss that occurs when one moves away from family and friends in order to get married or take a job promotion.

Each of us have had an experience with grief and loss, myself included. This youtube video shows a dance / performance offering I put together which explores death and life.