Isolation & Loneliness


In a Western culture that overemphasizes independence and rejects the fact that we are biologically social creatures, it is easy to feel the pain of loneliness. Because Western culture pathologizes loneliness, we often feel bad about being lonely, as if we are losers for being lonely. Loneliness is a normal part of the human emotional spectrum. Everyone feels lonely at times, so there is no need to pathologize loneliness. We first begin with the recognition that loneliness is a normal experience and an appropriate response to lack of appropriate connection. One reason we experience loneliness in our Inner World is because the Outer World of Western culture and lifestyle do not meet our biologically-based social contact needs. Because some loneliness is normal – it is the message that tells us that we need more connection – we will not eradicate loneliness, but we can lessen it and soften it. One way we do that is by reconnecting and resourcing ourselves in the Metaphysical World of Spirituality.

Another way we soften loneliness  is by addressing the other things that cause loneliness like isolation and inauthenticity. If our lifestyles and choices don’t allow for enough connection to others according to our own individual connection needs (introversion-extroversion), then we work together to help you create a life that allows for enough social contact to get your social needs met. When we don’t feel that we can be real with people, when we don’t show our true selves, we can often feel isolated even if we have whole slew of friends because none of them really know us. Becoming authentic – getting real – lets us feel truly seen by others and leads to more satisfying relationships and less loneliness.