Anxiety Therapy


Are You Overwhelmed By Stress, Worries Or Fear?

Are you constantly tired or overwhelmed with fear or dread? Do racing, looping and often self-critical thoughts lead you to believe that everything is one step away from falling apart? Does fear and anxiety limit you from making wise choices? Are you unable to achieve success in areas of your life, like work or parenting, due to the anxiety that takes over? Perhaps you’re always on the go, under heavy pressure to perform well and your chaotic routine negatively affects your relationships and your capacity to feel grounded, present and calm. Perhaps your need to manage every detail of your life and the inability to so 100 percent of the time leaves you feeling out-of-control.

Living with anxiety can be an isolating, confusing and even frightening experience. Struggling day after day with deep dissatisfaction or fearing about the circumstances of your life can become overwhelming and impact everything from work performance and relationships to self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. Being in a state of persistent, heightened stress can fuel negative thoughts, emotions, behaviors and choices. It can also lead to uncomfortable physical symptoms, such as sweating, shaking, increased heart rate, bowel and digestion issues, muscle tension and chronic pain. Once anxious feelings and patterns set in, they can be difficult to shake. Not understanding the source of racing thoughts, challenging emotions and uncomfortable sensations nor having the tools to soften them can cause them to multiply, triggering an ongoing cycle that keeps you feeling stuck, withdrawn or on edge. You may feel exhausted by distress and desperately crave a path to relief.

Anxiety Is Very Common In Our Culture

We all have moments of worry, fear and doubt. Anxiety, though, is fear that persists. It takes root in our lives and severely limits our ability for peace and happiness. If you’re struggling with anxiety, you are not alone. In fact, roughly 40 million Americans seek help for anxiety each year. Many more suffer from anxiety silently. It’s not uncommon to get stuck in unhelpful patterns of beliefs, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, work habits and relationships, even if a part of you knows that pattern ultimately contributes to your unhappiness. This dynamic happens because we tend to operate using the coping mechanisms we have learned in response to stressors and trauma. So, while you may truly desire less stress and more peace, you may be habitually resorting to old, familiar and ineffective routines and coping mechanisms. This cycle can leave you feeling dissatisfied, frustrated and disconnected from the world, your relationships, and yourself.

The Las Vegas Valley is an especially difficult place to make authentic connections with others, and feelings of isolation often exasperate anxiety. Anytime we suffer, it is 100 times worse if we have to suffer alone. The good news is there is help and hope for relieving anxiety. A holistic approach to anxiety treatment can help you navigate distressing thoughts, emotions and beliefs, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

A Holistic Approach to Anxiety Therapy Can Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit

 With the right approach, you can experience both immediate reduction of anxiety and lasting relief. Because so many symptoms of anxiety are experienced in the body (shortness of breath, pounding heart, stomach pain, etc.), I can teach you body-based tools that enable you to experience immediate reduction of your symptoms. These tools become the building blocks that support you as we work through the deeper roots of your anxiety.

Once you have some tools to reduce intrusive physical symptoms of anxiety, we will begin to explore the roots of your fears and worries. In a safe and compassionate environment, we will work collaboratively to identify both current triggers and past experiences that have led to heightened feelings of stress and anxiety. I can help you process trauma and relinquish any related beliefs and patterns that keep your anxiety entrenched. I can also help you identify, balance and integrate all the important areas of your life—including feelings, desires, thoughts, relationships, physical health and spirituality —so that you can create a higher level of self-awareness and begin to focus on what truly brings you peace and joy. Only when you bring awareness and care to every aspect of your life can you settle anxiety and effectively pursue your innermost wants and needs.

I understand that everyone has specific needs, goals and his or her own experience with anxiety, which is why I tailor my approach to best support your unique journey. One of the reasons I specialize in anxiety treatment is because I suffered from clinical anxiety during my early adulthood. This means that I intimately understand the debilitating and painful effects of anxiety. It also means that I know the pathway to overcoming anxiety. Integrating healing through the body, psyche and spirit, as well as mastering practical stress-reduction skills, can create balance and peace that allows you to experience profound, lasting satisfaction, fulfillment and relief.

As an experienced holistic psychotherapist, trauma counselor and anxiety therapist, I believe that each person carries within them an innate wisdom. Trauma and anxiety, however, can cloud or bury your innate beauty and purpose. It is never my goal to change your core Self, because your core Self is not damaged nor unwell. Instead, I seek to help you release trauma, fear and limiting beliefs that keep you from accessing your best, authentic self.

You still may have questions or concerns about holistic anxiety therapy…

Everyone experiences stress. It’s normal. Why do I need therapy?

Although occasional worry and stress are normal, chronic feelings of dread, fear and panic are not. If you’re wondering if normal levels of stress have crossed the line into anxiety, take a moment to complete the following anxiety questionnaire. The fact that you are reading this page means that a part of you is concerned about your level of anxiety.

Western culture perpetuates the illusion that we should be able to handle everything on our own. But, that mindset is an illusion. Biologically, we are highly social creatures. We are not built to live in isolation, and there are times when we truly struggle and need guidance and help. And, most of us never learn skills to alleviate anxiety. In school, we learn disciplines like, English, math and chemistry, but we don’t learn how to resolve conflicts or manage stress. If fear, panic and dread have taken over your life, holistic counseling for anxiety can lead your mind, body and spirit to a calm, relaxed state, allowing you to start living with ease.

I’ve heard anxiety treatment can be expensive.

I invite you to ask yourself how much it’s worth to live a filled life of peace and happiness. Because I struggled with anxiety for a good portion of my younger life, I know the looping cycle of anxiety does not typically dispel on its own. Having tried more traditional approaches to therapy with little success, I can confidently advocate for the effectiveness of an integrated, holistic approach. I offer what I know works from clinical research, my own personal experience and from years of working with people who suffer from anxiety. By releasing the fear at the root of anxiety, you can truly experience balance, which is priceless.

I’ve been anxious for so long I doubt you can help me.

Many of my clients have tried traditional approaches to anxiety counseling in the past with little success. You may have tried an approach that only focuses on thoughts, feelings or traumatic history without acquiring the tools needed to effectively reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety is often a symptom of a deeper and bigger issue, and holistic therapy can provide a supportive and safe environment where we can explore, address and work through the culprit of your fear. My goal is to not only treat the symptoms you suffer from, but heal underlying physical, cognitive, lifestyle and spiritual elements that limit you from living your best life. Try holistic therapy for two months, and I guarantee you will begin to notice a significant decrease in your anxiety.

You Can Feel Empowered and Fulfilled

If you are suffering from anxiety in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV, I invite you to call 702.762.4100 for a free phone consultation to find out how integrated holistic counseling can help you overcome anxiety.