Spiritual Therapy


Do You Feel Lost, Alone And Unsure Of What You Believe? 

More and more, you may feel preoccupied by heavy questions. What is the meaning of life? What is my purpose? How can I connect with something greater?

Perhaps you have wrestled with these questions a long time, only to feel empty and disconnected from yourself and the world. Even if you have long followed a particular faith tradition, you might find yourself feeling disillusioned, alienated from your community or unable to live in accordance with your beliefs. Perhaps you worry that you’re out of touch with God.

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma or other mental health issues, but feel like traditional therapy doesn’t meet your needs? As you search for answers and relief, do you deeply crave spiritual growth?

Regardless of your particular situation, you may feel stuck, directionless or overwhelmed by uncertainty. If this is the case, you’re likely ready to embark on a more fulfilling path.

Many People Feel Disconnected And Unfulfilled

If you are questioning yourself and your purpose in life, you are not alone. Whether you ascribe to one particular faith tradition or none at all, know that all humans are spiritual beings with an innate desire for meaning. We all do better when we are connected to a higher purpose.

Despite this shared human need, Western culture is highly focused on doing rather than being. This makes finding supportive spiritual communities and internal spiritual balance difficult. Like so many others, you might speed through your days, pained by the knowledge that you’re straying from what you value and believe—if you know what that is at all.

To make matters more complicated, our culture’s emphasis on individual success often leads people to believe that despair, stress and dissatisfaction are their fault, rather than the results of cultural norms and lifestyles that don’t align with a basic biological need for deep connection and interdependence.

Thankfully, you don’t have to ascribe to this shame-based, disempowering way of thinking. The pain and confusion you are feeling does not come from something broken within you. Rather, they are symptoms of much larger societal issue that neglects the importance of soul and spirit. You are not the problem, and, although you may be called to make changes in your life, your core self doesn’t need to be fixed.

Most profoundly, you don’t have to keep living out of harmony with your Highest Self. It is possible to embrace your desire for purpose and discover connection to something bigger—whatever that looks like for you.

Interfaith Spiritual Therapy Can Help You Feel Whole

As a holistic spiritual counselor, I understand the importance of seeking your Higher Meaning. I also believe that you are already whole, just as you are. At your core, you have all the strength and wisdom needed to live in service of your personal truth.

During holistic counseling sessions, I embrace the authentic expression of who you truly are and offer the supportive, trusting relationship needed to heal. Throughout our work together, I will never pathologize you or try to squeeze your experience into a diagnosis. Instead, I welcome you with deep compassion and acceptance. Within the safety of that nonjudgmental relationship, you can begin to develop the same deep compassion and acceptance for yourself.

Spiritual therapy can also help you learn how to truly love yourself, even those pieces you suppress or discount. By gently going through the process of accepting your shadow side—the traumas, limiting beliefs, innermost fears or parts of yourself you just don’t like—you can begin to heal even the oldest wounds.

Although I work with you as an experienced and empathetic guide, I do not claim to be your healer. My job is to help you heal yourself. To this end, I offer practical techniques, practices and resources that you can utilize to promote wellness in every aspect of your life.

For example, mindfulness mediation is a powerful, adaptable tool that can help you experience peace. As you become increasingly aware and accepting of your thoughts and emotions in the present moment, they have less power over you. You can then feel empowered to make healthier choices that align with your deepest values. You can live your purpose.

For over 20 years, I have helped people discover meaning and direction. No matter how lost and low you feel now, know this: you are worth it. Your well-being is worth it. You deserve a chance to recover from lingering pain, unlock your greatest potential and be happy. Therapy can help you come home to yourself.

You may have questions or concerns about interfaith spiritual and religious counseling…

Therapy is too expensive.

As someone who has personally done my own therapeutic work, I know how hard investing in yourself can be, especially when you don’t feel confident about your place in the world. I invite you to consider what your long-term happiness and healing is worth to you. Using your resources to create a happy and meaningful life is not a waste—you are not a waste.

I understand the reality of financial concerns, and I don’t aim to keep you in therapy forever. My job is to work myself out of a job, while ultimately guiding you to become your own therapist. You can develop calming and grounding skills that can serve you throughout your life.

If you don’t share my beliefs, how can you help me through this spiritual crisis?

This space isn’t about me and what I believe. It’s all about your spiritual health.

I have worked with individuals from a variety of Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Native American, Pagan and Mormon backgrounds—just to name a few. As an interfaith spiritual counselor, my goal is never to judge, criticize or change your beliefs. Instead, I seek to help facilitate a healthier relationship between you and your higher purpose.

I’m an atheist. How could I benefit from spiritual counseling?

Spirituality isn’t about believing or not believing in any specific faith system or holy figure, but rather connecting to a Greater Something. For some people, that occurs within the context of their religion. For others, it may be attunement with nature, commitment to service or engagement with science. Still others find meaning in family or art.

The critical piece is coming to understand what offers you sense of harmony and deep fulfillment. Then, you can find your own unique route toward a purpose-driven life.

Spiritual Balance Is Possible

You already have all the answers you need. I can help you remove the barriers that prevent you from discovering them.

If you are ready to start living as your most authentic, connected self, I invite you to call me at 702.762.4100 for a free, 20-minute phone consultation. You can ask me any questions you may have about spiritual therapy and my practice in Las Vegas, NV and Henderson, NV.