Training, Seminars, Workshops & Education



Educating others is a large focus of my practice. Knowledge is power. When we have information, we can make wiser choices about how to live our lives in a sane and healthy manner.

Formal Education

I have been adjunct faculty at Naropa University in the Transpersonal Psychology Department where I have taught my course on the Fundamentals of Psychotherapeutic Touch. I  have also been a guest lecture and Colorado State University in Denver discussing the ethics, indications and contraindications of touch in therapy.

Community Workshops

I am a strong believer in giving back to the community. I often provide free community workshops on topics such as mindfulness, meditation, managing anxiety, staying calm in spite of challenges, and tools for more effective parenting.

Education for Everyone

I often provide ongoing groups which are a combination of education and coaching. Some groups I have  designed are: dating beyond the chilbearing years, chill out don’t freak out, finding calm in the storm, anger management, communication skills, conflict resolution, parenting effectiveness, and choosing your destiny. I have designed groups upon request for businesses, nonprofit and for profit organizations, and both formal and informal associations.

Seminars for Medical Health Care Providers

Assessing for Psychological Trauma During Initial Intake

Many medical providers are uncomfortable addressing patients’ emotional and psychological states. Untreated trauma can create somatization (physical symptoms rooted in psychological states) which can be detrimental to patient recovery. In this 30-60 minute in-service seminar, medical staff will learn how to quickly evaluate for psychological trauma and learn some quick skills for helping patients to down-regulate an overactive and traumatized nervous system.

How Medical Somatic Psychotherapy Can Assist Patient Recovery

Medical Somatic Psychotherapy is body-centered therapy that is focused on those with psychosomatic symptoms, injury, chronic injury, chronic illness, chronic pain, and other limitations in physical functioning. It is also useful for those with medical trauma and those who are have difficulty with medical compliance. Medical Somatic Psychotherapists are cross-trained in Body Psychotherapy and Massage Therapy and provide hands-on   interventions. In this in-service medical providers will learn about the theory and practical application of Medical Somatic Psychotherapy and how it can significantly increase patient recovery.

Training for Mental Health Clinicians

Fundamentals of Psychotherapeutic Touch

Many mental health organizations have no-touch policies based upon fear of litigation. Making therapeutic choices based on fear is both unethical and does a disservice to our clients. Furthermore, most Masters’ programs do a poor job of educating future therapists about touch in psychotherapy. Topics covered will be the ethics of touch in psychotherapy, when is touch indicated and contraindicated, multicultural issues with therapeutic touch, and therapist exploration of their own relationship to touch. CEUs will soon be available for this 15-hour training. To be added to the waiting list, please send an email. Link to related article. For more extensive information, see the Psychotherapeutic Touch and professional publications pages.