Massage ~ Bodywork ~ Energywork


I have studied massage therapy and energy work extensively for over twenty-five years. I quickly became aware that I could not address issues in the body without also addressing emotional difficulties, and energetic blocks to health. It was my work as a massage therapist and yoga instructor, as well as my own personal growth through body-centered therapies, which led me to further my studies into spiritual counseling and body-centered psychotherapy.

As an integrated counselor with a wide background in movement and body-centered therapies, I sometimes use touch in my practice. Psychotherapeutic Touch with clients is ultimately aimed at integrating the psychological, physical and spiritual self while decreasing emotional, physical or energetic symptoms. One of my specialities is in Medical Somatic Psychotherapy, a hands-on approach to physical and emotional healing for those with chronic conditions and medical procedure trauma. Psychotherapeutic Touch is only provided when appropriate and with client consent.

I also offer a Fundamentals of Psychotherapeutic Touch Training to mental health clinicians. If you or your organization are interested in receiving more information on this training, please contact me.