May 092015

                         It is easier to love broadly and generally                          to see the face of God in every being                          to keep the details at a distance like when you kind-of                          half-cross your eyes and everything becomes just                          A little                          bit                          fuzzy.                            The ‘I love you when I see you clearly’                          is much harder                          when you notice […]

Jan 042015

Dear young man: Thank you for the compliments on my beauty and hour-glass figure, But perhaps hitting on me at the 24-hour chant wasn’t the very best of choices. Dear beautiful young man with the 4% body fat cut physique: You are indeed a pleasure to look upon. But, Your face is like a porcelain […]

Jan 042015
Good Morning, Sunshine!

Every morning, without fail, she put her depression and the misery of her marriage in the dryer that stood in the kitchen good only for countertop space and storing the 20 lb bag of potatoes we seemed to live on. Every morning, without fail She sang in her happy, lilting voice, “good morning, Sunshine!” as […]