Marriage, Couples and Family Counseling & Coaching


Marriage Counseling & Couples Counseling

People often come in for marriage therapy and couples therapy due to a crisis in the relationship – Either something significant has changed, or one or both partners gets sick and tired of having the same argument. Some of the issues that can throw couples in crisis are infidelity and emotional affairs, trust, sexual dissatisfaction or sexual dysfunction, money, aging parents, parenting and step-parenting issues, medical health issues, loss of a family member, and addictions, to name a few. Sometimes, passion just seems to have deserted the couple. Marriage counseling and couples counseling can often help couples to take the action needed to inspire a reawakening in the couple. Couples counseling can also help to repair and rebuild a ruptured relationship.

Sometimes couples are at a significant crisis point and are just trying to figure out if they should even stay together. I do believe in relationship and that most relationships can be repaired/improved if both people in the relationship can commit to doing the work necessary to create a more healthy and satisfying relationship. But that isn’t true for all relationships, and even though a relationship could be repaired and improved, one or both partners just may not be up for doing the work.

I work with both traditional and nontraditional couples. This means that in addition to marriage counseling, I also provide coaching and counseling to those in same-sex relationships as well as to people in polyamorous relationships and open marriages. Marriage, couples and family therapy is available to my Colorado clients.

Marriage Coaching & Couples Coaching

Marriage coaching and couples coaching can work to strengthen an already relatively functional relationship. The focus of coaching sessions might be on enhancing relationship skills and satisfaction, diminishing codependency and increasing interdependency, becoming a unified front, and values exploration. Couples coaching can also be used as a form of  preventative maintenance. Scheduling regular ‘check-ups’ can help to clean up the little issues before they turn into big issues.

Couples who have already decided to dissolve their partnership can also find coaching helpful in navigating the terrain of untangling a life together. Having an objective and compassionate third-party to mediate the separation can make the process of separation more sane; It can help each partner to say in their integrity, soften reactivity, and even cultivate an awareness that even a separation can be part of a spiritual path.

Polyamorous and open relationships have all the complications of monogomous relationships in addition to the complications that arise when others are invited to share the intimacy. I also provide coaching for those in nontraditional unions to help nontraditional couples maintain intimacy, clearly communication of boundaries, and work through the issues that arise in nontraditional unions.

Relationship Coaching

For many of us, we have had friendships that last longer than our marriages and partnerships. Sometimes when relationships have a rupture, we’re able to get through it on our own; Sometimes that rupture threatens the relationship. Most of us have lost a friend or two over a hurt or misunderstanding. Our non-romantic relationships can be such a huge source of support and community;  It’s unfortunate that we don’t usually think of counseling as an option when our friendship relationships hit a rough patch. I believe in the need for community and extended chosen family connections and offer coaching and counseling to help those relationships flourish.

Family Coaching

I have worked with families since my clinical internship and love helping families find better ways of interacting with each other. Family coaching can help to improve communication, set and hold realistic boundaries, unify parents, improve parenting skills, and increase the sense of family cohesion.