Kind Words


Here are some comments from other professionals about my counseling services. In order to maintain privacy, I don’t share what counseling clients have said about our work together. Clients who’ve received other services from me such as yoga or embodied movement training are welcome to provide feedback for sharing.

If you’d like to share your experience, please send me an email. In your email, please mention that you welcome your feedback on my website. I wont use your name on the site, but I typically will use profession and age, so provide those if you’re willing.  All feedback, be it positive or constructive, is equally welcomed.


I have a deep respect for the work Sabrina does with her clients. She is a knowledgeable, skillful and compassionate clinician. I have referred quite a few clients to Sabrina over the years because I trust the work that she does and have seen improvements in the people I have sent her way. LCSW, 58, 28 years in practice

Mindfulness & Meditation

I really love Sabrina’s body-centered approach to meditation. I’ve tried meditation several times in the past and it was both stressful and physically painful for my body. Sabrina really taught me how to care for my body and to honor it’s needs during meditation. She also has a great soothing voice that really helps me to enter into a quieter space inside myself. CEO, 57, 2013

Embodiment Practices & Therapies

As a ballet dancer, I was only comfortable moving in a very prescribed way. It was painful to me that I had had a semi-professional career as a dancer, yet could not dance comfortably at a concert, club or in anyway that wasn’t choreographed performance. I saw Sabrina dancing at a community event and was so moved by the fluidity and ease of her movement, they way it seemed as if she was one with all the nuances of the music that was playing…well, that began a two-year mentorship program with her. It’s amazing how different I am in my body now. I dance freely now. I don’t dance ballet anymore because it doesn’t feel good to me. And that’s the best thing I learned – how to follow what feels good and move from there. Dancer/Artist/Student, 25, 2012

Rites of Passage & Rituals

After a painful divorce, I remained in the house I had bought with my previous partner. I couldn’t seem to make peace with living in the house that felt as if it had too many memories and history and all the energy of an old relationship. Sabrina had a few individual sessions with me prior to creating a ritual which included my friends, or “sacred community” as she called them. She performed a cleansing ritual in which my close community/chosen family was all involved. She then gave me very practical advice on what to do in the home to reclaim the space as mine, including the culmination of a new housewarming party. It made a huge difference. A handful of friends who were not part of the ritual and didn’t know that it occurred mentioned how different the house felt. Four years later, I am happy in my “new” home and in a healthy and loving relationship. Entrepreneur, 53, 2010.

Bodywork & Energywork

As a body-centered therapist, I’m really picky about who I let work on me. Finding someone who can work at both the body and spirit level and do so with a great level of skill…well, it’s a rare find. Sabrina is that rare find. I see her for both my own body/spirit work and have referred my own clients to her as well. She’s a gem!

Psychotherapeutic Touch

             Seasoned Professionals

  • This training provided me with valuable information on an unfortunately taboo subject in the therapy field. It helped me to feel confident and competent in using and documenting psychotherapeutic touch in my practice. CADC II, 20 years in practice, 2012.
  • Sabrina Santa Clara is a dynamic speaker & knowledgeable in the area of somatic therapy and psychotherapeutic touch. She is sensitive to the needs of clients as well as therapists. Sabrina’s teaching is orderly, easy to understand, and well thought out. Sabrina is a front-runner in the specialty of psychotherapeutic touch. All therapists should be trained in this area. Bilingual School Counselor, 32 years in practice,  2012.
  • Although I’ve been doing things mostly right or well, I should (and now can) be more clear about my reasons and intentions, and I should be clearly documenting touch interventions. By doing these, I’m going to feel even more solidly comfortable about my choices and not worried about liability. Psychologist, 20 years in practice, 2012.
  • Sabrina is an impressive educator. Her presentation is clear and fluid. She makes salient points that greatly increased my understanding of psychotherapeutic touch. The media she used was both enlivening and poignant and the experientials were very helpful. Licensed Professional Counselor & Educator, 30 years, 2013.

             Naropa University Students

  • The course offered a broad array of useful information. I appreciated your references to actual experience, which helped make the material more tangible and applicable.
  • Really good class and extremely useful information! I think we need to be having more conversations about this topic!
  • I enjoyed this class immensely. I thought it was informative and expanded my knowledge of Psychotherapeutic Touch and how to use it in my own practice. The experientials were helpful. Sabrina was available for feedback and did a good job of answering and/or clarifying any questions or concerns.
  • This course was truly helpful as a new, inexperienced therapist to be. I appreciated deeply the aspects of discussing touch, touch contracts and documentation. Personally, I benefited greatly from the experientials and discussions. This is a field I plan to continue receiving training in and work with touch in my practice.
  • I loved the experientials in this class. The practice sessions were extremely helpful, especially practicing discussing touch with clients. It was also very helpful practicing appropriate clinical documentation of Psychotherapeutic Touch interventions. The classroom discussions were rich and the slides were really helpful. 
  • I enjoyed the experientials. The power point was clear and thorough and the reading material was wonderfully informative.
  • This was a great class! The experientials were so helpful. I wish it was a longer class so we could have had even more. What a juicy, fabulous class!
  • I very much appreciated Sabrina and found her expertise to be more than appropriate for this course. The information I received was of great value and I feel better equipped to explore Psychotherapeutic Touch in my practice.
  • The academic material was very useful as were the experientials. I strongly recommend this course for graduate students in a Masters of Psychology.