Limits of Practice


No counselor may ethically work beyond the boundaries of her training. The following are issues that do not work with. I am, however, more than happy to provide references to those who do.

Child Therapy (0-10 years): While I have worked with children in the past, child therapy is a specialized skill and requires a particular setting. There are many wonderful child therapists in the area whom I would be happy to refer you to should your child need assistance. I do work in conjunction with child and family therapists providing touch therapists and education to parents on the use of touch to assist their children. I also provide family coaching, but I do not work as a child therapist to younger children.

Active Anorexia Nervosa / Bulimia Nervosa: Those who actively suffer from these two conditions would be better served in specialty treatment facilities and centers. I do work with people who have some recovery with these two disorders. I also work with other food disorders, particularly with food addiction and those wanting to increase mindfulness around eating and increasing fitness.

Suicidality: Providing treatment for those with Major Depressive Disorder and Suicidality often requires crisis care managment. I do not provide 24-hour crisis care.

Axis II Disorders & Psychosis: Axis II disorders are personality disorders and mental retardation. There are many other mental health professionals and centers that can provide more comprehensive treatment than I can provide in my private practice.

Sex Offense Impulse/Sexual Addiction: While I have both education and experience in working with a variety of issues related to human sexuality, treatment for sex offense impulse and sexual addiction are outside the scope of my practice.

My commitment is to help people become their best selves. As always, if I believe that an individual would be better served by another health care professional or that s/he needs additional assistance, I will always refer to an appropriate professional.