Sand Tray Therapy a.k.a. Sand Play Therapy


Sand tray therapy is a form of limited-verbal expressive therapy used with all ages. Sand play therapy allows a client to construct their own microcosm using miniature toys and colored sand. The newly created microcosm then acts as a reflection of the client’s own life and allows them the opportunity to resolve conflicts, remove obstacles, and to connect to their inner being and recognize the beauty of their own soul as they begin to accept themselves.

In sandtray therapy the client moves very fine sand in a sand box specifically designed for this type of therapy. The client mindfully chooses “minis” from a wide variety of choices. Minis are miniature people, animals, buildings, etc. The client arranges the minis in the sandbox. It sounds like a very simple process, but sandplay therapy is very deep work that typically brings up unconscious material. It is usually very satisfying for most clients to see an external representation of an internal state, especially one that hadn’t even been clarified prior to the process. The tray might then be “reworked” to open to a different outcome, be that an internal experience or something in the external world that may need to be shifted.

Sandtray on Death

Sandtray: death of a loved one after a long illness.


sandtray shelves

Sandtray minis