Integrated Counseling


Integrated, holistic counseling aims to integrate Inner World, Outer World and Metaphysical world experiences. Holistic, integrated counseling means that clients’ needs dictate the approaches used. One approach may be good for one person, and completely inappropriate for another. Often a combination of approaches and interventions are integrated into treatment so that clients can receive the most effective and holistic counseling possible.

Integrated therapy is not just limited to how I work with people; It also means that I may work in conjunction with other health professionals as necessary. Many issues that people assume are psychological in orientation may have physical causes. For example depression is associated with hypothyroidism, anxiety is associated with hyperthyroidism, and both lethargy and depression are associated with low iron. Clients who experience symptoms that can have common medical causes will typically be asked to see their medical doctor to rule out physical causes of psychological symptoms. In general, I will request those who have access to medical care to have a full blood panel run because we cannot function at their emotional best when the body’s basic needs are not being met.