Cultural Diversity & Multicultural Counseling


I come from a multicultural background and have and understanding of how multicultural issues and clashes can affect people. Multicultural counseling honors the cultural diversity of each client and requires that the therapist interacts with their client with cultural sensitivity. I do not pretend to understand the nuances of all cultures, however I can promise that I will do my homework as necessary, and respect and honor each persons cultural background.

Diversity is not just an issue of culture or country of origin. Many of us, at one point or another, find ourselves outside of the “norm.” Unfortunately, this can often result in prejudice and discrimination. I provide counseling to help clients navigate through their own reactions while exploring appropriate responses to their experience of prejudice and discrimination.

As a person of mixed heritage and mixed culture, I work well with others who also have the experience of ‘living in-between worlds’ and that sense of never entirely fitting into one world. Integrated Counseling is extremely helpful for mixed world experiences. I encourage those who are unclear on their family history to begin research into their familial history, because we cannot fully know who we are until we know where we come from and the ancestral lineage from which are born. Family Constellations can also be extremely effective for working through unprocessed and unacknowledged conflict when our biological heritage includes trauma from our diverse ancestral past (e.g. German-Jewish; Black-White; Spanish-Latin American).