Health Issues: Chronic Pain, Illness & Injury


Health problems almost always have psychological issues attached to them. Sometimes the health issues are actually rooted in psychological issues. Sometimes the health problem precedes and creates the psychological issue. Sometimes its difficult to know which came first. Chronic health issues typically result in a variety of symptoms such as depression, grief, dependency, sense of powerlessness, and existential issues to name a few.

I help people to move through the issues that may be causing physical symptoms as well as those issues that arise from physical ailment. I also work with people to help them better tolerate chronic pain and disability. I work with those suffering from a chronic illness or injury as well as their caregivers.

As a person who has a chronic injury and lives with chronic pain, I have had to learn firsthand how to manage my reactions to intense sensations. Having had more surgeries than I can count on two hands, I understand the trauma of repeated medical procedures and disability. Having both therapeutic skill and personal experience to draw upon makes me particularly suited to work with folks with health problems such as disability, chronic pain and injury, and medical-procedure trauma. I also work with folks to teach them how to self-advocate when dealing with medical professionals.