Usually when we come to counseling, we’re focused on what’s wrong. Positive Psychology shifts that focus to looking for the good rather than just eliminating the bad. We know a bit about more what leads to happiness through research that’s been conducted, which shows that happiness is not caused by what we typically believe will make us happy. Rich people are not happier than poorer people (except the devastatingly poor) and able-bodied people are not happier than physically disabled people. There are three qualities in living that make up happiness:

  1. Pleasant Life: General good cheer, which is largely biological. We have a biological predisposition to be of more good cheer or less. But, we each have a range of potential so we can live in more of the top range or bottom range of our cheer potential. This also includes the kind of practicalities that make living fun.
  2. Immersion: Not what we typically think of when we think of happiness. Immersion is what happens when we are fully engaged in something, writing a book, painting, web design, building a fence, etc.
  3. Meaningful: We each need to know that what we do in the world matters, that we are using our strengths in service to something bigger.

I take a strength-based approach to healing and happiness.  Cultivating a meaningful, engaged and pleasant life, we work towards creating a life that leads to greater happiness and satisfaction.