Existential Crises / Life Purpose


Existential crises occur when we question the very foundations of our lives, wondering whether our lives have any meaning, purpose or value. Existential issues often follow certain life transitions such as death of a loved one or any major grief, reaching midyears, etc. They also typically arise when people are working with acceptance of the end of their own lives. Sometimes they arise for what seems to be no reason at all – a shift in awareness that causes us to question the point of living. Existential crises often leave people feeling empty, confused, and alone.

Existential crisis is a deeply profound experience, a dark night of the soul which can strip us of everything we thought we knew. It is the time in which we are brought to our knees in order to learn to stand again more solidly. Existential crises are nothing less than the sacred walking through the valley of death following which we learn that we are, in fact, not alone. No counselor can cure an existential crisis for it is not an illness, though it does feel like a sickness of the soul. Existential crisis is a deeply personal rite of passage that ultimately is between each person and their GodSpirit. As a Spiritual Counselor, my job is to help those suffering from existential crises rebuild a new path to their Higher Purpose.