Creative Blocks & Creative Expression


Creative Blocks

For artists and creative types, creative blocks can be both frustrating and painful. Sometimes we get stuck in a loop and can’t quite seem to get out. If you’ve ever entered into the dark space we refer to as a creative block, work with a body-centered, energetic focused, creative arts counselor can often move you across the divide that separates you from your juicy, creative self.

Creative Expression

I believe that we are all born with creativity as our natural birthright. Every child with functional fingers knows how to finger paint. A child who has not been shamed, will naturally move their bodies to music. Unfortunately, creativity is not something that’s valued in Western society; We stop having art period by second grade for the sake of math, science and English. We are also often shamed in our creative expression, so we stop. We learn what a “good dancer” is and if that’s not the way we do it, we stop. Or we learn messages about what girls are allowed to do and what boys are allowed to do, and further curtail our creativity.

All beings are creative. None of us have to develop our creativity, we just need a bit of help to bring it out of the closet. As a creative type, I have a wide range of ways I can help people to reaccess the creativity they were born with. I use a variety of creative and expressive arts therapies to help that process such as art therapy, dance therapy, movement therapy, sandtray therapy, music therapy, and vocalization therapy.