Career Counseling & Workplace Issues


Vocational Counseling

For those people unhappy with their career choice, career counseling can be the best investment you’ll every make. A career is what you do to make money or earn status. But a vocation is a calling; it takes our gifts, passions, abilities, dreams and values and incorporates them into our life purpose. A vocation will satisfy our soul, a career will not. I work to help people not only make a financially sustainable living, but to also make a difference.

Workplace Coaching

In my previously career as a Human Resources Director, I specialized in communication and conflict resolution and helped organizations to live the values they professed to hold. Whether you are a manager or managed, you will inevitably have difficulty with the people and the organization you work with. Developing appropriate communication skills and learning how to present yourself to others can be a critical skill in workplace satisfaction. Workplace coaching can help you to have more success at work.