Abuse, sadly, can occur in a variety of ways. Childhood abuse, childhood neglect, sexual abuse, incest, rape, domestic abuse and domestic violence, emotional abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, psychological abuse, and mental abuse are all terms most of us are all too familiar with. Abuse can also be energetic and psychic. Abused people usually have significant wounding that requires attention and care to heal. Because all abuse happens in relationship, it requires the reparative experience of a loving relationship for it to heal. Sometimes, someone comes into our lives, a lover or a good friend, and that healing happens naturally on its own. More often, though, a professional skilled in helping people get through and past their traumatic experiences is required. That’s where holistic counseling comes in. As a caring and skilled professional who is also a survivor, I work to help others heal from their abusive experiences.

All abuse is wounding, however, abuse that occurs as a child can be deeply damaging. I work with survivors of both adult and childhood abuse of all kinds including non-consensual sexual perpetration.