May 092015

                         It is easier to love broadly and generally

                         to see the face of God in every being

                         to keep the details at a distance like when you kind-of

                         half-cross your eyes and everything becomes just

                         A little




                         The ‘I love you when I see you clearly’

                         is much harder

                         when you notice the stains on his teeth,

                         that crap in the inside corner of his big toe that’s

                         probably been there for years,


                         the guarding that keeps him always ten to





                         When he is soft around the edges, you can keep him there

                         a little ghost-like and unreal


                         the moment you steady your gaze

                         you see him, so


                         so very



                         Your arms stretch out of their own accord –

                         the craving for something real and solid

                         breaks that blaring siren right open

                         like the hungry heart

                         weeping in its desire for communion.


                         You crave him

                         like the starving lust after

                         any food placed in front of them.


                         Your arms shatter in your searching,

                         body puddling your weeping need

                         tears spill the Earth in surrender until

                         you are yielded back into the soil from which you arose.

© 2015, Sabrina Santa Clara

  One Response to “It Is Easier To Love Broadly And Generally”

  1. Love that! I find I struggle with intimacy but it’s what I want to open to more. I love broadly but struggle with the closer intimacy with all people, friends, family and lovers.

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