Oct 032013

Love, when it comes to you,

will not do your bidding.

It will not land on the convenient person

because you will it to be so.

Love will not hand to you on a platter

the one that matched your fantasies of

Mr. or Mrs. Right



love will give to you someone real.

Like a velveteen rabbit,

your beloved may be well-worn,

and arrive with baggage and

complications because love

Big love, solid love, real love

is not simply an emotional state.

Love is the choice,

chosen over and over again

to stay in spite of,

to know with your very cellular structure

that your beloved is worth riding though storms

and navigating the brambles in the unknown territory



Real Love

Solid Love

Big Love,

should you open the door,

may not give you what you want

but will read the secret desires of your heart

and give you

exactly what you need.


Sabrina Santa Clara, 2013

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