Jun 132013

As a holistic  counselor and Dance/Movement Therapist, safety plays a large role in my work with people. We all need a safe harbor to come home; When we don’t have that, we are never able to fully rest. But rest is not our purpose. Our purpose is to follow our purpose, then to rest so that we can continue to go back out and follow our purpose.

There is always a risk in following our purpose. We may have to sacrifice something practical to live it, like  limiting our social life to write that book we’ve been meaning to. We may have to give up a belief about who we are. We must always risk failing, as that’s true of any action we take. If we do not take the risk to live our life’s purpose we will never be fully satisfied. We may have a decent life, but there will always be that nagging dissatisfaction, the “I wish I would have…”

May our purpose be clear and may we all be courageous enough to follow our Life’s Purpose.

clip boat is safe harbor

Sabrina Santa Clara ~ Authentic Alchemy x3
Holistic Counseling in Temecula CA

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