Jun 052013

We’ve all had people who’ve walked away from us. Sometimes the leaving was painful, sometimes a relief, and sometimes, both. How we digest that Outer World experiences  into our Inner World experience can be the difference between growth and stagnation.

The Greater Something, ultimately, always works towards our greater good. Sometimes, it is only through the fire of our painful experiences that the husks of our lesser selves can be burned away so that the beautiful essence of our Deeper Selves may live more fully. This means that if you have a childhood history of abandonment, it is likely that you will have more experiences of abandonment in adulthood. Each time anew that abandonment wound gets reactivated, so that the person who has just walked-away carries the flavor of your mother or father, or whoever it was that created the original injury. Like having a wound that is scabbed over but still festering inside, the new experience removes that scab so that the wound has an opportunity to release the infection underneath.

When people leave us – when we digest that Outer World experience and feel the Inner World experience of ‘I’m not enough’ or ‘something is wrong with me’ or any version of ‘I’m bad’ – we can begin to shift the translation from Outer World to Inner World, reminding ourselves of those people who do love us and know how to stay. We can remember that a person who leaves and who doesn’t hold loyalty as a character trait, might not be the person we want in our lives. Holding compassion towards our own suffering, we become become tender with the part of us that believes that we are somehow unloveable. We can draw upon the Metaphysical World to sustain us – Releasing the ties we have into the person who walked away, handing them back to the Something Greater, while we also reconnecting to the Something Greater ourselves. Remembering that we are born of GodSpirit, we let them choose the fork in the road, and know with certainty, that God always walks our path with us. We are not alone. We are not abandoned, for the Great Spirit is always with us.

Sabrina Santa Clara / Authentic Alchemy x3

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