May 212013

I love the little quotes that come across social media sites. In our world that offers too many stories of trauma and suffering, inspirational post-it notes, pictures and stories help us to root back to our values. It’s like a mini church.

What stood out to me in this today was the “remember your roots.” I’ve often said that we can’t fully make peace with who we are until we know where we come from. So many of us US-Americans are an amalgam of different cultures and ethnicities – some of them with oppositional trauma. Many of us don’t even know what our histories are as our recent ancestors wanted to be good “Americans” or were robbed from their country of origin. I am currently working with a geneologist who has found so many unknown closets in my family history and I find my sense of self shifting to incorporate this new information. I am bigger and broader than even I knew. And I thought I was grounded and centered before, but I find myself feeling as if I’m on ever more solid ground now knowing that my roots are deeper and wider than I’d ever imagined.

If you don’t know your family history, I encourage you to explore it. You will likely be surprised at what you will find. You will likely find grounding roots you did not know you have.


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